Friday, April 18, 2014

Electronc Diamond and Precious Metals Test Kit-Culti Diamond Selector

The scale looked either used or built really really bad with one screw above where you put the battery stripped and another screw on the outer part of the case that just fell off. The Scale showed weight with nothing on it, calibrated it multiple times and same ole thing. Everything else in the package worked good. I gave the seller a chance to make it right but I never got a response, called and emailed them. Now I have to send the whole thing back when all I need is another scale.

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Ricky Tims Presents Grand Finale

What a delight this DVD is. Ricky Tims is an amazing quilter, but he is also an excellent communicator and teacher. This filming and lighting throughout this DVD give you a perfect view to see and understand the quilting of Ricky Tims. He takes you though a quilt from inspiration to completion, teaching you a number of techniques along the way.

While watching this DVD, I stopped it numerous times to try out or practice some of the things R. was teaching. I would have to say that I am a long way from quilting like Ricky Tims, but I have learned some practical techniques along the way and have some ideas I would like to develop furthur as a result of watching this DVD. I have lent it to several quilters and they all like it. Now if I can only get it back to watch it again!

Schmetz Stretch Twin Needles

The Schmetz Twin stretch needles in this case size 4.0/75 are great for the fabric I work with. And they are essential for stretch sweats when they need retouching.I often shop online...But seldom do I have a wish to praise a vendor. In most cases the vendors are great on Amazon but in some cases they are outstanding and this was the case. An error had been made and the vendor rectified it immediatly (saving money and aggravation for both of us) without any attempt at justification. So I strongly recommend ""

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Janome Sewing Machine Ditch Quilting Foot

My "Stitch in the Ditch" quilting was much improved using this foot as opposed to using a regular presser foot. My stitches actually stayed in the ditch! Imagine that! No more bumping up onto the wrong edge of the seam. Don''t watch the needle. Watch the blade in front of the foot. Keep it in the right spot and the stitches fall exactly where they should.

New ThreadsRus Roll of High Quality THICK tear away backing

We first purchased the lite tear away and liked it, so called to see if we could get a small sample of this thick tear. We were going to order a large amount as that is what we use the most of here at our home business. Though they said they would send out a sample, and even after a reminder, they never did. So we decided to just take a chance and order one roll. It came on time as did the first roll, and like the lite tear it works fine. So 5 stars for the product and 3 for customer service. We will order again and have already recommended it to our sister company.

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Singer Bobbins Class 15 Transparent

The bobbins are just what I needed. The only recommendation I would have is: if you didn''t have to search so hard to find out that they do indeed fit my White-brand sewing machine. It was hard to find which ones to order. But these were correct.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cricut Cartridge Accent Essentials 2007

I placed an order for the Cricut Accent Essentials cartridge, and never received delivery. I was billed more that 31 days ago and the seller Craft-e-Corner has not responded to my repeted requests to contact them. Do not buy from this seller ever.

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